Monday, September 27, 2010

Review: Overall

Review: Overall is your one stop beauty site for the must have beauty products that will release the glamourous diva in you!

Last Month I won 5 mineral eye shodows in my choice of colours.  What I received was the 5 colours that I wanted to try a makeup brush and a cute little make up bag to store it all in. 

One of the shades that I really wanted to try was Summer Wheat so when I was getting ready to go out the other night I pulled out my new shade.  The application was just as easy as any other mineral makeup that I have used in the past, the best part was the coverage I got the colour I was looking for right away and used very little product so I truly beleive the statement that she makes on her site:

All of our MINERALS have a higher percentage of pure mineral colorants and NO FILLERS, so a small amount on your eye lids provides the same color depth as a heavy application of traditional pressed powder eye make up.  A 5G jar of Overall Beauty MINERALS will last about twice as long as the same amount of cake eyeshadow.

I had a hard time picking just 5 shades that I would want to try but I did in the end pick ones that I thought would best suit me.   If you have a hard time picking shades to try you can always order sample pots of the product to try for $1 a peice

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