Thursday, September 2, 2010

$20 Challenge - update 1

I started out with $20 on Monday August 30 to use on any personal purchases, here is the break down of what I have spent so far:

On Tuesday i went for a walk and I ended up going past the bulk food store and I wanted a treat.
I spent .35 cents on Jube Jube's - I didn't want to spend too much of my money.

Today was a big spening day.  I spent a total of 11.45

I managed to get some good deals but considered it personal expenses as they are things we would not have bought. 

Box of Corn Pops with mail in code for $5 free gas card
Air wicks Imotion compact starter kit - I have a mail in rebate form for the full price so i will get my money back.
Finish dish washer starter kit - also have a mail in rebate for the full price of this.
Huggies wipes - free with coupon
Colgate toothpaste and milk

Leaving me with a total of  $8.20 to see how long this will last keep posted.

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