Sunday, August 29, 2010

$20 challenge

I am off on maternity leave and we have been noticing the crunch a bit with the decreased income.  One of the things that we do is give ourselves $50 a month to spend without needed to talk to the other person about what we are going to buy.  This is not for joint or household expenses only things we buy for ourselves (IE coffee or lunch etc)

So on Monday I will take $20 out of the bank and will make it last as long as possible.  This will help me cut back on what I am spending money on and encourage me to really think if I need the item I am about the buy.  It will not include baby items or groceries, only variable spending on myself. 

I will update this post along the way to see how long I can make it last.

Day 1 = Balance of $ 20 to my wallet (everything else has been removed from my wallet)

Goodies August 22-29

So I can't find my camera but I still wanted to post the items that I got for free this week.

Free Samples:
Purex all in one laundry sample

Free from sales and Coupons:
1 package kotex pads (18 count) from

baby swim ring  - looking forward to testing it out with my baby

Contest Wins:

Picky Sticky - set of stickers to show babies age in photo's - these are a great idea and I can't wait to get them.  I will post photos when I get them and when I find my camera.

Book: Underkingdom

Coupon for a free package of Bryers Ice cream

I also received a past win - set of 5 eye shadows, and a make up bag and brush

I got 2 more magazines this week (the subscriptions are free)  Shape and Town and Country

Monday, August 23, 2010

Goodies Aug 15-22

I thought last week was slow with free stuff, guess I was wrong this week was a very slow week.

Free Samples:

Free from sales and Coupons:

2 packages of bottle liners
Baby rain jacket
light fixture

Contest Wins:


I got about 5 different magazines for free, some I have passed along to other people already so they are not in the photo.

Amazon sent me an e-mail to thank my past magazine subscription purchases; the e-mail had a promotion code for $5.  I searched Amazon magazines to see what I could get for free, not wanted to use any of my own money.   I decided to get Parents Magazine, retails on Amazon for $4 for a 1 year subscription.  Thanks Amazon for another free magazine subscription.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Do you Freecycle?

I love Freecycle, it a a site that connects you to people in your area allowing you to get rid of your junk for free and get other peoples junk for free.  You know what they say, one mans junk is anothers treasure.  The main site is: simply locate the area you you are in and start to see what people are offering or post things you want to get rid of all for free.

We had an old computer that we would have had to pay to dispose of, before going that route I thought I would post it on Freecycle and see if I anyone would be interested in it.  Well sure enough the requests came flooding in.  I picked a person who could pick up right away and the clutter was out of my house at no cost or inconvenience to me. 

I have used the site to offer and request many things.  The latest things that I have received are a baby gap rain jacket (picked up today, see photo) and bottle liners 2 unopened packages picked up yesterday. 

I love the option of using this site to help divert items from ending up in our landfill.  Check out the site see if they have a local group for your area if it as as well used as the area I am in I am sure you will find many treasures!

FYI: I will be including items received on Freecycle in my weekly Goodies received post going forward.

Last Weeks Goodies

I thought for this blog entry I would do a show and tell of all the items that I received for the week either through contest wins or free samples sent by companies.

This was a slow week for freebies from companies, I did however receive some goodies . . .

I received coupons for free: cat or dog food (I choose cat food), pet treats (need to pick these up still), and 6 boxes of crackers. 

I also won 2 contests this week (I have not received the prize yet for these, but when I do I will post a blog entry)
The first contest was a blog contest for eye shadows of my choice of colours from Overall Beauty

The second contest win will take place on October 4th, I will get a make over, hair, make up done and will walk the runway at the mall sponsored event. My prize will be:  hair dye for 6 months, gift cards, and a gift basket. I am really looking forward to this as I have never had a make over before.

In addition, I got 2 bottles of ice win to use a a party I am to host and 4 cd's.   I also received a prior win a teal bag and pillow for travel - Lug a Rug which will come in handy on my trip in February.

On Friday the 13th Starbucks was giving out free vivanno smoothies to registered card holders.  I got 3, one for my sister in law, my niece and one for me.

That's it foe last week, I will post this weeks goodies over the coming weekend.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

First Blog Post

This first blog post is more of test than anything else to see that the blog page is set up the way I would like for it to be.  I hope to be able to update this blog often with different ways to be frugal.  I do not intend to post every deal or free offer that comes along, but rather those that are of most interest to me and my family.  I will also try to do product reviews and giveaways, even book reviews if given the opportunity!

As this is my first blog please be considerate as I learn the ins and outs of the blogging community.  I do ask that you follow me on Google Friend Connect, and hopefully I will be able to bring you many Mommy reviews and giveaways.

Thanks for stopping by my blog