Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pre Makeover photos

So I won a Makeover that will take place on Monday.  Part of the deal is I need to colour my hair with the hair dye that they gave me before Monday.  So I have taken a few before shots of my own so I can see the transformation myself.

The colour that they gave me is 7G dark golden blond.  I am going to try this out later today and will post some after photo's of the new colour.  The reset of the transformation will need to wait for Monday when the professionals take over.  I am really excited about trying L'oreal hair dye; I haven't used colouring since I had my baby as there just doesn't seem to be enough time.  The box says it only needs to be on for 10 minutes plus the application time, I wonder what the total time will be from start to finish?  I am guessed a lot less then going to the salon for hair colouring, plus the price savings are

So that's me before . . . The after shots are being downloaded to the computer tonight and I will post them Tomorrow

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