Sunday, January 16, 2011

review: Invasion by Jon A Lewis

So I received a copy of the book Invasion by Jon A Lewis to review the other day.  Here is a bit about the book from the sites page:
When a drunk driver kills Colt McAllister’s parents, his life is turned upside down… and he had no idea that was only the beginning. Before his journalist mother died, she was about to expose a mind control program run by Trident Industries, one of the world’s largest conglomerates. When an informant inside the company tells Colt that his parents were actually murdered, Colt becomes a target as well.
With nowhere to go, he’s forced to move in with his grandpa in Arizona. Bizarre things start to happen when Trident Industries awakens sleeper cell assassins who don’t realize they’re being used to commit murder. It’s impossible for Colt to know friend from foe.
Then Colt learns that Trident is a front for a group that wants to open a gateway to a world filled with shapeshifting aliens who want to wipe out humanity so they can colonize Earth. With the aid of his friends and a secret organization called CHAOS, Colt joins the fight to save mankind.

This is a book geared toward youth and those that like science fiction; my nephews would really enjoy reading this book.  The book is from the eyes of a 16 year old boy, we get to hear his adventures with the paranormal and that is done quite well.  The book describes a corporation like big brother trying to gain control of the world, only the corporation is run by Aliens looking to exterminate mankind.  With the help of CHOAS Colt and his friends try to stop them from destroying man kind.  What comes in the next chapter of Invasion, we will have to wait and see.

From my adult perspective the book did have enough emotion and in some cases I felt things did not get fully explained.  For example Colt looses his parents and we did not really get much of his feelings during the time of sorrow, but if a young man was reading this they might find that part of the story just right. 

Overall the book is very well written and is suitable for pre teen and teens to read, I didn't really mind it either. I would rate this 3/5

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