Monday, August 13, 2012

New idea

So I have not had much time to post blogs in about a year it seems. Many things have changed with me in that time and I think I have found what I would like to do with this blog.  First a little update about me for those interested.  I am a frugal mom to 2 a boy and a girl.  We are in the process of moving to a bigger house so our family can continue to grow. 
On to my ideas for this blog. It started when we started to pack up our house, I noticed that we have too much stuff.  Not just us but everyone does.  What has been bothering me is how people get rid of this stuff.  I just simply go for a walk and I could easily fill my stroller plus more with useful things people are just tossing out.  So what is this blog going to focus on, well I am going to post photos of my recycle walk finds and maybe somethings that I find but I can't bring home with me. 

Toady's walk I walked past baby baths, change tables, patio chairs stools and many other things.  While I have no need for everything I did take a few things that I thought I could use.  Some I will see how it works out and others I have already offered for free for other people to pick up.

Find number 1

Some little girls barbie house that is in great shape was in the blue bin.  My daughter is only 2 and just getting into barbies so I posted this free on Freecycle and it has a new home!

Find number 2

stroller again in good shape, you can see mine in the background.  This has been offered to someone who is picking it up this week.

Find 3

Some new wrapping paper in plastic still (4packs)
Leapfrog tag reader
75 aeroplan points
birthday cds never opened 3 cds with kids music
books - some not shown my kids ran off with them.
Coupons: $15 in free gas not shown
$4 off ground beef
free bread

Also not shown I got a cabinet for over the toilet and a play fisher price BBQ.  I will update photos of these later. 

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