Wednesday, August 22, 2012

This Week Haul

So with our move just 2 day away I have been going crazy trying to pack and get ready. My daughter is almost 2 and half and she can tell something is up.  When I pack another box she unpacks it and starts to play with whatever is in the box.  I need to keep her daily schedule the same as much as possible.

This week I have found some good scores I needed to get new colouring books for my daughter and the ones I found even the harry potter one are never used! Also the vtech book had battery's in it and works great.  We broke the head part of out swiffer and needed to replace it and guess what I found!!  We just saved $12 at the regular price.

I have found at least 4 of the codes to get free shirts, our whole family will have matching ones!

This week I also went to a free moms party and this was int he swag bag.  One free gift that I really want to do is to make a free ornament with my sons foot print.

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