Monday, August 16, 2010

Do you Freecycle?

I love Freecycle, it a a site that connects you to people in your area allowing you to get rid of your junk for free and get other peoples junk for free.  You know what they say, one mans junk is anothers treasure.  The main site is: simply locate the area you you are in and start to see what people are offering or post things you want to get rid of all for free.

We had an old computer that we would have had to pay to dispose of, before going that route I thought I would post it on Freecycle and see if I anyone would be interested in it.  Well sure enough the requests came flooding in.  I picked a person who could pick up right away and the clutter was out of my house at no cost or inconvenience to me. 

I have used the site to offer and request many things.  The latest things that I have received are a baby gap rain jacket (picked up today, see photo) and bottle liners 2 unopened packages picked up yesterday. 

I love the option of using this site to help divert items from ending up in our landfill.  Check out the site see if they have a local group for your area if it as as well used as the area I am in I am sure you will find many treasures!

FYI: I will be including items received on Freecycle in my weekly Goodies received post going forward.

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